Find volunteers

find volunteerPut a call out to the local community whenever you need to advertise for willing volunteers!

Lots of groups struggle recruiting new volunteers. We all know groups where it seems like one or two dedicated people do everything and worry that if they stopped volunteering then a really valued community service risks closing.

Advertising for volunteers is FREE.  Don’t be shy! If you don’t ask you won’t get…

•  Register your group or organisation
•  Advertise an opportunity
•  Book a table at our next Volunteer Market Place event
•  Get training and advice


Latest offers…

Looking for some practical help for your group?
Source: Halifax North & East Blog Posted on September 17, 2015
Halifax Opportunities Trust is a local charity that works with job seekers in Calderdale on a new scheme to provide up to 6 months’ work experience placements within community & charitable organisations…. read more…


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