Sure Start Children’s Centre Volunteer Course

Sure Start Children’s Centre Volunteer Course

This training course is for those interested in volunteering within our Sure Start Children’s Centre’s. The completion of this is compulsory and will take place prior to a role being allocated within one of our Centre’s, It consists of 2 sessions as seen below;

Volunteering is it for you?

Session 1 Volunteering is it for you? includes information about our center’s/services, what we can offer you as a volunteer and what we expect from you as a volunteer. It also briefly covers skills, abilities and previous experience that you can apply within a volunteer role.

Volunteering safely

Session 2 Volunteering Safely covers safeguarding, confidentiality and health and safety in relation to a volunteer role. It offers various scenarios and possible situations to be discussed and considered.

If this is something which you are interested in you can find the upcoming course dates using the link below


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